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#194742 - 05/12/02 10:48 AM 2001 Ignition timing
20-100 Offline

Registered: 01/08/01
Posts: 319
Loc: Quebec, QC, Canada
After searching this forum, I did not find the answer...

I wanted to check the Ignition timing on my 2001, 3.3l engine. In my Haynes manual they say that
PCM control of the timing must be disabled before the timing can be checked or adjusted
On the 2000 it involves putting the PCM (aka the computer) in self-diagnosis mode and starting it. The problem for the 2001 is that there is no documented way to put it into self-diag. mode without using a scanner tool.

Any workaround ?

On some GM product, you can enter the diag. mode by grounding a pin in the plug under the dash. On some other vehicle you had to disconnect a harness going to the distributor before adjusting the timing. Any trick like that on the Nissan 2001 3.3L V6 ?

#194743 - 05/12/02 10:52 AM Re: 2001 Ignition timing
Xrugger Offline

Registered: 26/12/00
Posts: 1207
Loc: Chicago, IL
There is a connector you have to disconnect on the 01 v6's. On top of the intake manifold there are two harness conectors side by side. I believe it is the one closed to the front of the engine.

I'm sure someone on here will chime in soon, If not I double check it when I get home.
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#194744 - 05/12/02 02:40 PM Re: 2001 Ignition timing
OffroadX Offline

Registered: 17/08/00
Posts: 13682
Loc: Baltimore, MD
The specs may be a little different as I recall, but the procedure should be the same:


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#194745 - 05/12/02 02:59 PM Re: 2001 Ignition timing
ChuckH Offline

Registered: 27/02/01
Posts: 5206
Loc: Seattle, WA
Note that my post on AF was about timing on my 2000 Xterra. The 2001 has the exact same procedure but the timing spec is different. I think '01's are to be set at 10 degrees BTDC +-2 whereas '00's are 15 degrees. Double check that before you do it!
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#194746 - 05/12/02 03:47 PM Re: 2001 Ignition timing
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Registered: 01/08/01
Posts: 319
Loc: Quebec, QC, Canada
ChuckH, OffroadX,

I'm back from automotive forums (I'm now registered as 20-100 same a here) Chuck's How-to guide about Ignition timing check/adjust is excellent but it completely disagree with what's written in the Haynes manual
for the 2000 3.3L engine they dont say nothing about disconnecting the TPS (Throttle Pos. Sensor) but to put the engine in self-diag mode (screw on the side of the computer.
For the 2001, they also request an operation to disable the PCM control of the timing but I need a monitor tool to perform it.

Someone tried ChuckH solution on a 2001 and validated with Nissan approved procedure?


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