I purchased my 2010 Xterra Off Road from Napa Nissan on 6/30/2010. I called them with my USAA's Car Buying Service / Zag.com program. They were not part of the USAA certified car dealer program, and I informed them I told them I was going to purchase a Off-Road today, at this price, and I had a check in hand from USAA. The manager offered to sell it to me for an additional $150.00. He stated that he had to make atleast $300.00 on the sale, and at the USAA price he was only making $150.00. I asked him to through in a free set of the all weather mats and he agreed. Total sales price was $26,900.00 plus tax and registration (CA sucks). Vehicle came with carpeted floor mats, all weather mats, Garmin GPS and in-dash docking station, and the nevada tow package.

The best part of the sales experience is that I never stepped foot on the sales floor. I emailed them a copy of my USAA car buying dealers financing process document, and they delivered the Xterra to my house two days later. No pressure of the financing guys, extended warranties, etc. The entire process took less than 1 hour of talking on the phone, and 15 min to sign the sales documents in my kitchen.

I highly recommend Napa Nissan. It was a far better experience then last Nov when I bought a new BMW 328 Wagon for my wife from Weatherford BMW in Berkeley. I gave them the lowest rating on my review with BMW North America. They were not to happy and called and complained for days.