The Members of NEXTerra will be hosting a second dual location event!

  • When: April 9, 2011
  • Where:
    Taunton and Freetown MA
    Dragon's Gorge near West Oneonta, NY
  • Contacts:
    Taunton and Freetown location; Ernie (Bass4Runner ) and/or Nick (Trailz).
    West Oneonta location; Scott (daggerdoggie) and/or Tom (Bklyn.X)
  • It is not mandatory but we would prefer if all attendees were registered members of NEXTerra. You can register now HERE
  • All attendees must sign a waiver as in all trail runs. WAIVER

NEXTerra April Fools Run T-Shirt will be a Fruit of the Loom Lofteez 6.1oz cotton t-shirt;

White shirt, red NEXTerra logo in the front and black/red event logo featuring Club Treasurer mtdewmike’s face on the back.
Order HERE!

The Massachusetts half of this run will be in Taunton and Freetown;
two locations and 4-5 different trails/roads, all the trails are very stock friendly; the 2 trails in Taunton are only a mile apart and roughly 1 1/2 miles long each. Then it's a 20 min drive south on the highway to the second location; there are two trails one is 2 1/2 miles long and the other is 2 miles long also (If open) there is a loop up and around a large ledge around 1 1/2 miles long.

If anyone is trailering in a Rig, there is an area for trailers at the Freetown trails and there is parking at the meeting spot in Taunton, but it is 2 miles from the trails.

Most of our runs there have averaged 5hrs. From 10:00 am to 3:00pm. This will allow for airing up, any repairs and traveling, getting home at a decent time.

Attendees will meet at 9:30am at Micky Ds 286 Winthrop St. Taunton Ma. @ 9:30 am (Google Map). Leaving for Trailhead @ 9:45 Sharp!!

All vehicles must be street legal (Registered, Insured and operated by a licensed driver) to run these trails as they are on public lands.
There is no fee and no vehicle limit for this run.

Taunton, MA Weather

8 Taunton and Freetown Attendees as of 3/09/11;
1. Bass4runner - Ernie – ’88 Red Toyota 4runner - NEXTerra
2. Trailz – Nick – ’01 rouge Xterra – NEXTerra
3. srajendram - Suresh - '03 Silver XE - NEXterra
4. Dave99, 06 Xterra Night armor - NEXTerra
5. Hoodie - Adam - 04 Silver X - NEXTerra
6. Coonny - Boris - black 2003 X
7. 07xterraS - Ben - 07 Silver Xterra - NEXTerra
8. DCR - David- 08 Silver S. Xterra - NEXTerra

The New York part of this run will be at Dragon's Gorge near Scott’s house in Oneonta, NY.

“Dragon's Gorge” is the upstate New York private trails/testgrounds/homebase for Draken Off Road. Draken’s owner, Roby, has generously open these trails to us in the past and has offered them to us once again for this event.

Thanks Roby and Draken Off Road!

Attendees will meet at 9:30am at Scott's house; 203 Highland Terrace West Oneonta, New York 13861 (Google) and then leaving for the trailhead @ 9:45 SHARP!

At “Dragon's Gorge” on Saturday you will be given a unique opportunity to run your truck on some very challenging trails located on private land in beautiful upstate New York. The trails are not that rocky but slick with a lot of tree roots that are hard to grip. Snow will make it much worse. Good tires are the priority.

If you’ve never wheeled this might not be the best trails to start with. But we have many experienced drivers in the club who are willing to help you learn. If you feel unsure about tackling this type of terrain there will be folks willing to have you ride shotgun in their trucks so that you can get a feel of the “off-road” experience without putting your truck in danger.

Folks can camp out in Scott’s front yard on Friday and Saturday night. Scott will be making Hot Dog and Hamburgers on Friday. BYOB, drink. Sides, anything else you might want to eat plus food for lunch on the trail.
After wheeling Saturday we'll check out the local talent at a “place just up the road” from Scott’s.

West Oneonta, NY Weather

All will be welcome! Please post here if you plan on joining us for the run with your screen name, name, Year, color, make and model of your vehicle, your club affiliation and where you plan to join us; NY or MA[u]

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