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#675212 - 26/03/11 10:48 PM 2002 bumper on 2000 model
Andrepauer Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 26/03/11
Posts: 2
Loc: NYC

I assume this subject has been already discussed but I didn't find anything pretty clear on the previous posts.
I was looking to mount the 2002 front bumper on my 2000 Xterra. Is it possible without any trims or mods?

I really love the '02 bumper look...



#675227 - 29/03/11 12:06 AM Re: 2002 bumper on 2000 model [Re: Andrepauer]
zachbiz Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/09/10
Posts: 3
Loc: USA
it will all work, its the same truck.

you're gonna need the hood, head light pods, bumper, bumper cover and fenders. and you might have to drill some holes for the new headlight pods if they didnt use the same mounting spots. other than that, its just swapping parts.

#675784 - 12/06/11 03:39 PM Re: 2002 bumper on 2000 model [Re: zachbiz]
AnthonyS Offline

Registered: 09/06/11
Posts: 47
Loc: West Babylon, NY
How bout those Safari roof baskets? I see ones on ebay listed for an '03, '04, '05, etc.

Also, the Brushguards. Are they universal for the 2000-2004 or do I need year specific?

#675789 - 13/06/11 06:35 AM Re: 2002 bumper on 2000 model [Re: AnthonyS]
Gonzo-2 Offline

Registered: 23/06/09
Posts: 518
Loc: Lansing, Michigan
And you want a brushguard WHY, exactly? Yeah, they look cool. They make your truck LOOK like it's tough. But the truth is, they do more damage than they prevent. If you were to hit anything substantial, the brushguards get pushed back into the grill, hood, headlights, fenders, etc. Without them, the only parts to get damaged are the parts that acutally get hit.

Say for example, you hit a deer with your right front fender. Without a brushguard, you'll likely see the fender and headlight. Maybe the hood and bumper. With a brushguard, you'd see those and definately the hood, most likely the grill too and possibly the other headlight too. It would depend on how the thing folded back.

The fact is, they will crumble against what they are "supposed" to be protecting. They are only good for very minor bumps (i.e., grocery carts). If you want REAL protection, check out ARB, Schrock, etc., put down your money on something good and get a REAL bumper that DOES protect things. I've known guys that have hit a deer at 60mph with these and the deer is mush. The truck, no damage at all!

Just my .02 worth. Do a SEARCH and you'll find these things are BAD NEWS!


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