I like to think I still have my finger on the pulse of the 1st-gen aftermarket, but apparently I missed something.

So I got an e-mail today from Rugged Rocks announcing some new PowerBrute clutch-type (like OEM) limited-slip units. My first instinct was to call Precision Gear to get some specs, particularly the breakaway torque numbers to see how they compare to the OEM units. Turns out Precision Gear went under a while back and is now part of Omix-Ada. Omix did not pick up the Nissan product line, all units are discontinued. So then I spoke with Steve @ RR to pick his brain. Turns out Precision Gear has had these in their product line for some time, but apparently never made an effort to market them. Damn shame.

So Steve found a warehouse/distributor that had a coupe of handfuls of the PowerBrute units collecting dust and is in the process of acquiring their inventory. PG had both H233 and C200 units in their line, and Steve has the H233 models confirmed and is waiting to hear if there are any C200 (R200-compatible with minor accommodation) as well. Unfortunately Steve did inquire about breakaway torque as well and was unable to get specs, but presumably these are on par with if not better than the weak (00-02) to pathetic (03-04) OEM units.

These apparently were listed at over $600 back when they were in production. Steve's selling 'em for $300 which is less than you'd spend to overhaul an OEM unit.

Get 'em while you can, supply is limited.

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