Hello everyone,

I thought I would pick the forum’s brains and see what everyone thinks.

I’ve got a 2005 Xterra S model 4wd. Currently, I’m at about 101k miles. During my last visit to get an oil change, the dealer stated the tires (which are new as of about 8 months ago…) were wearing a bit uneven. The air pressure and alignment on the tires were fine. After inspecting the vehicle for a bit, they came to the conclusion the front struts and rear shocks need to be replaced sometime in the near future. I’m approaching the [recommended] life on the spark plugs, 105k miles. I figure I will get the plugs changed along with replacing the shocks/struts around 105k miles which will probably be around the April/May time frame.

Question: would you go with the Nissan stock replacement parts when it comes to the shock/struts? Or, go with some aftermarket parts perhaps? I think the dealer quoted the shocks plus struts as being somewhere around $1,200. I don’t recall if this included labor or not.

I don't pull trailers often. Mostly I have a smallish trailer I use to haul a lawn tractor around. I do have access to a double axle heavy duty trailer I occasionally pull. But, trailer pulling is not my typical thing. I don’t bother going off-road any either. Just typical, every day driving on the stock, Nissan recommended tires.

Thoughts on this subject are greatly welcome. If anyone suggests going aftermarket, give me some suggestions on what to use.