Evening to you all,

Being new to the community and not looking to eat up peoples time unnecessarily I searched for anything and everything relating to fog lights on a 2000 or 2001 Xterra. I've figured out a fair bit but I'm still left with a number of questions that I'm hoping this community can answer.

1. I'm aware the 2001 Xterra comes pre-wired for OEM fogs. My lights weren't included but looking into it today I found the connection for the light and saw the relay was already wired. But my concern is the switch. Is the switch prewired as well and are the 2 leads just waiting to be discovered somewhere in the driver side dash??

I intend on installing an additional 2 driving lights (PIAA most likely; found a fair deal online) and I have all the wiring sorted; in-line fuses, relays, switches, etc. BUT...

2. I'm looking to keep my fog lights and flood lights a separate system from stock so I'm looking to use in-line fuses vs the fuse box spare spaces. So with that said, I'm looking to run the Line side of the fuse/relay to the battery via stak-on eyelets. Is this the most efficient way to draw power directly from the battery? I'm open to any suggestions.

Finally, I'm looking to install 2 generic 55 watt flood lights on the rear roof rack pointing to the back. For camping and such.

3. Where does the wiring harness for the rear lights travel through on the 2001 Xterra and has anyone attempted this and successfully made this look good? What is the best way to seal the potential hole for the wiring?

Any feedback or direction to the answer being out there is muchly appreciated!