I have a 2005 X-Terra SE that was running perfectly tine until Thursday. When I tried to start it in the morning it ran REALLY rough (felt like 3-4 cylinders were missing) and then died and I couldn't get it to run again. I've checked that the mass airflow sensor is opening and closing the throttle body. There's spark on both cylinders I've pulled coil packs for. I can smell gas when I pump the throttle as fast as I possibly can, and when I'm pumping the gas, the truck starts to turn over, and there's good vacuum when it does. When it's trying to run... it sounds like it did when it first died. Missing on several cylinders.

I replaced the fuel pump and level sensor about a year ago with Bosch OEM parts.

No codes are being set. I messed with it for an hour or so. Ideas?