I still have a box of club shirts in my garage (some may have some sawdust on them :-| ) if anyone is interested...

XOC shirts look like THIS.

I also have some SWXC and Tread Lightly shirts.

I'm not trying to make money off of them, but I'd like to charge enough to cover shipping and make it worth my time to package and send them... maybe $10 per package (so if you want more than 1 shirt it's still $10)? PM me if interested and I'll send you my paypal address and you can send me your shipping address.

Sizes/quantities available:

6 L
6 XL

Tread Lightly:
1 L

SWXC shirt style 1 (older) w round SWXC logo on front and Texas map w unmodded gen 1 Xterra on the back:
1 S

SWXC shirt style 2 (newer) w SWXC on front and modded gen 1 Xterra on back:
4 L
10 XL

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