My 2002 Xterra w/power windows has an annoying problem - the rear windows stick when going up. I have to get out, open the door, and pull the window up while pushing the power window button.

It doesn't seem to be jammed, nothing stuck in the tracks. The two windows go down easily.

There was a heavy rain the two days before this happened. Before that, the windows worked normally.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the 'failure to lift'??? Anyone have this problem and solved it???

I tried soap in the track, candle wax (like on drawers), and tapping a steel plate in the track to try moving it back. None of these worked.

Odd that it's just the rears. I open each rear when I open the corresponding front, so they aren't stiff from disuse. Both fronts still work as always.

Thank you ! smile