2008 off-road - non-mechanical owner here. Driving my xterra in southern Baja - outside temp in 90s. AC suddenly began to blow warm this AM and later while driving over 60 MPH, car did a momentary little shimmy and then the temp began to head toward the H mark - of course the "check engine" notice came on. I pulled off, let it cool down and checked coolant - seemed fine but added water and after a while started up again but engine pretty quickly began to overheat again. So pulled off and called tow truck. Normally up in Bay Area I would immediately have it towed to Nissan dealer, but here in Los Cabos, not sure how to pursue this. I do have a mechanic and was wondering if this sounds like something really involved or something he might be able to diagnose and fix? I still have the drive back up the Baja in mid-July when temps can be brutal. Any advice?

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2008 XTERRA Off Road