It's time to let my 2000 SE 4X4 5-speed go. I'm the original owner and put almost every single mile on it myself. 192K miles but she still runs and drives well. Needs a fair amount of work to be super dope once again but can certainly provide a lot more miles of enjoyment to the right person. AFAIK, it needs a new distributor, exhaust, battery and windshield. Will probably need brakes very soon, and the timing belt is due soon, as well. It is eating coolant, but it's been doing that for years. I usually keep a bottle of 50/50 mixed and ready and would top it off every few weeks. Tires are reasonable - great tread left but starting to crack a bit. Still plenty of life left IMO. Fired it up tonight and moved it around just to make sure things still move lol.

Located in central CT and pick up only. Soon. I need to get it out of my yard. Not looking to get rich, so I'm willing to let it go for $500. No BS, no stories. Cash money, yo!

I will part it out if you're looking for something specific. HMU and lets make a deal on the pieces you need. Obviously, I need to think about whatever parts I'm willing to sell - can't make it unable to move, etc. bc the junk yard might end up with it and it needs to get there some way.

Send me an email if you're interested -

Thanks for your interest, etc. etc.

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