Long story short, i have a radiator leak. took to pepboys (im busy as hell) and they said i had a crack in the lower right section. wanted $900, so i told them to gtfo and had it towed to the house to replace it myself. got under the X today, and i dont have a crack (good job pepboys). I have a fairly decent leak from my drain plug.

I had been dealing with very minor leak about 3 weeks prior and couldnt find where it was coming from. I ended up putting in the additive to seal from the inside out since i couldnt find where the leak was at.

It has been a while since i have flushed the antifreeze, and i was wanting to flush it before i replaced the radiator, especially now that i have added in the sealer. I intended on using JB Weld as a temp fix on the "crack" to allow me to flush the system, but i cant use it on the drain plug (since i wont be able to get it off to drain the system).

i'm here seeking creative options to allow me to stop the leak to allow me to flush the system. any thoughts?