I moved back to AZ... last year, actually. Living in Maricopa, the city not the county.

I feel dumb, I didn't even think about coming here to see who still lived out here until today... and BOOM, can't view posts on the AZXC board.

Man life's crazy... when I bought my Xterra I was a single dude in a relationship.... She's now been my wife, for coming up on 20 years, we have a son and daughter who were born while I was active here, that are both now in College.

I'm still a web developer, though now I work 100% remote (and not just because of covid)

I do not own an Xterra anymore... and the Jeep XJ I replaced it with has also been gone for years (It actually died on an episode of Mythbusters!)

BUT... unless it's a scam, or completely different from the photos i've been given... I will be picking up another XJ tomorrow...

anyway, wondering who's still around, and more specifically who is still here in AZ, and would want to meet up and hit some trails... weather is about to get back to moderately sane, so prime wheeling months are ahead!