As I said before... I haven't gotten my X yet, because I'm waiting on a few money things to happen first... My question is, why shouldn't I get a Rubicon over an Xterra? They seem to be a WAY more offroad savy vehicle concerning angles of departure and whatever the other angle is called. Also, they seem to be able to go in water WAY deeper than an Xterra.

Does anyone have real experience with either a Rubicon Wrangler or another Wrangler package AND with an Xterra so they can give a VERY accurate comparison?

What pros/cons should I really be concerned with?

That being said, I drove the Jeep today. It drove AMAZINGLY different (and better) than I'd imagined. I had originally gone down to the Jeep dealership to test drive one to get the idea of a Wrangler out of my mind... but now I'm very interested in buying one. Hence my predicament.