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That pic is about a year and a half old. yes, I have a winch in that thing. And have used it on several occasions. I bought the bumper, used, and put it on while I was waiting for the winch to come in. Incidentally, that bumper's been around the block a few times... It used to belong to the owner of our "favorite offroad" shop in Ohio... It's been on 3 different trucks, so far.

I also don't have the cheesy side graphics on anymore; thanks to a car side-swiping me, insurance paid to have those things removed when they replaced both passenger side doors.

The truck has changed a good bit since that pic. But that's the most current one I could find, online.

Carlton, can't tell if you're mocking the softopper or not, but I will say, it's been a great add-on. Had it for about 2 years, now. Even convinced AC to start selling them. Folds up like a convertible soft top, and can be removed completely in just a couple minutes.

As to the front bumper... Yeah, I know; it'll hurt somebody else's car a lot more than my truck... But it doesn't see the road very often. I'd say I put on about 50 miles a month, tops, unless I'm going on an offroading trip, or if I've got to drive a long distance for work & the wife's car or the jeep are indisposed at the moment. It's just a toy.
Dude, you are a douche. I run my truck with a ball 24/7 for the very same reason everyone else here does.

It shows a complete lack of inteligence to say that it was his fault that she ran in to him. She violated several laws.. reckless driving, following too close, innattention, and the list goes on.

The law doesn't say anything about driving with a hitch.

I suppose it would have been better if she did equal damage to his truck even though it wasn't his fault? God, it's pansy motorcycle driving asshats like you that are my pet peve. Keep bitching, in the end, there isn't anything you can do about it.