Thanks for the info. That is what I'm planning to do. I'd like to get a 7" wide monitor and have a camera in the back so I can use that screen as a rear view mirror. I'm also planning on putting screens in the headrests. I have a connection with a wholesaler so the equipment won't cost me much. Do you have any recommendations on an in dash dvd player?
Hmm, there are several good options for in dash DVD player, depending on what you want. There are some great new head units out by Alpine and Clarion that have DVD built-in. Of course they arent cheap.

The best add-on dvd player I have used so far is the Clarion VS715. It has optical and RCA outputs, as well as an AUX input (passes through whenever the DVD player is not on). It has an easy to use remote. It will play MP3's as well. It can be found online for as low as $370, which is not bad IMHO for in dash. It's also 4 volt on its about. Clarion also has a nicer one with the Dolby Digital decoding built-in. Don't get me wrong I am not a Clarion junky. Matter of fact I usually lean towards Alpine, but the latest models of Clarion have turned out quite nicely.